Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh Em Gee.

yes, long time no post. i'm in desperate need of a place to rant, so here it goes:

So tonight, I decided to take it easy, read over an old favorite, harry potter 4, in the light of recently watching the new harry potter movie in the theater. sitting comfortably on my bed, with my nice, sturdy wooden study table holding up my laptop, I opened the book to read. oh, but I must multi-task, so i took out my newest polish collections: OPI by sephora - mermaid to order, ocean love potion, and metro chic. hmm...metro chic it is!

it's purply-grey. hmm, it kind of looks darker taupe right now, too. i start applying it nice and slow ...from pinky to thumb. after three careful coats, and after few more pages of reads, i reach for my OPI top coat.

....and then struggle to open it. after few pathetic tries, i realize one of my nails got ruined! Ugh! well, that's annoying! well, trying to be more careful, i try once again to open the darned bottle....*Failed*. okay...what can i do now? i reach for the pair of scissors conveniently located next to my do what? i don't know. i just grabbed it and the next thing i know, the freggin handle (with the brush attached) for the glass bottle had broken clean off!!!! @_@ hurridly catching the handle and putting it down carefully on the lap desk, i realized i needed a book mark. without thinking, i reach for the metro chic nail polish, i tried to lift it up by its handle and put it on the book.....ONLY the handle part came along, and yeap. nail polish on my pages.

okay, don't panic. just grab some cotton balls, ready for my nails originally, i dab quickly on the pages. it's got a nice purply-grey stain on it now, but not too bad of a scar. *sigh*
and then i realize i got some of the clear top coat all over my hand ....and *hark* my beautiful, lime-green summer sheets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *HARK* panicking, i grab a cotton ball and try to wipe it................ it would've been okay, since my top coat is CLEAR. except....

i reached for the SAME, already PURPLY-GREY, USED cotton balls.............

HARK. now there's a purple-grey stain on my bed sheet.

i wanna cry. T_T....

okay....there must be a way to remove it.... googling "how to remove nail polish from fabrics", i find all sorts of suggestions: goo-off (which i do not have), bug spray (nope), and ...acetone nail polish remover. Really? okay. lets try that.

scared of having a WHITE spot instead of nail polish stain, i got out an old towel that i don't care too much for, and dabbed a little acetone on a corner of it. Veeeerry carefully, i tried applying it on the damaged area of my sheets. *drum roll* Nothing. okay...maybe i need to use a little more acetone. ...Nothing. maybe i should rub it a little harder. maybe my acetone on the towel had already evaporated?

okay, lets pour some extra on the cap and use it as a dipping bin for the towel. Ooops, i got some acetone on the desk. oh, no biggie. just wipe it. lifting up the towel afterwards, i notice something brown on it. huh?? HUH??? @_@ looking down, i see a lightened spot on my wooden desk!!!!!!






so the end result of today's 'relaxing moments':

1. stained book
2. stained bed sheet
3. wax coat removed desk
4. ruined and incomplete manicure
5. crabby mood. that didn't go so well, now did it? T_T.....WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH.


  1. oh no! =( haha.....and we were doing so well only a few weeks later sorry about all that

  2. Wow that is a friggen hilarious story.